Proxy application

In addition to all necessary visa application documents, required for a proxy application are the following:
1. Passport or ID card of the proxy
2. Greek stay permit of the proxy (for non-Greeks only)
3. Letter of Authorization (original)
 *Click here to download samples:
      a. SAMPLE for individual
      b. SAMPLE for organization/company
  *The Letter of Authorization MUST have/bear the following minimum features:
   a. Language in English (preferably), Greek or Japanese
   b. Date
   c. Full name of the applicant  and the proxy
   d. Passport number the applicant
   e. Identification document number (passport or ID card) of the proxy, as presented at the Embassy’s window
  f. Occupation of the proxy and his/her relationship to the applicant (individual or company etc.)
  g. Applicant’s WET (original) signature / Authorizing organization’s WET stamp and WET signature of the person in charge
*Authorization procedure e.g. from police stations or “KEP” service centres is NOT mandatory.
*Authorizations made by the Greek Government’s digital system ( are acceptable only if they include the passport number of the applicant, the relationship between applicant and proxy AND bear an WET (original) signature of the applicant.
*Attention! The applicant’s Greek passport MUST bear the holder’s signature and the visa application form MUST bear a WET (original) signature by the applicant.